One of the smallest locators company Teltonika, for monitoring and increasing the safety of persons or vehicles. Ideally suited for tasks requiring special solutions. The device has low power consumption, small size and resistance to low and high temperature by which works well in all conditions. Quick alarm button to send the information that our system multiGPS can freely interpret and program.

Functionality locator prznośnego:

  • the alamowy - It sends the geographical coordinates and shows the point on the map as an alarm,
  • voice chat,
  • Auto receiving a phone call,
  • Silent function receiving a phone call (wiretapping),
  • zdlane wysyałanie sms increasing the sensitivity of the microphone,
  • built-in speaker
  • the ability to determine the geographic zones, beyond which the alarm goes off
  • Function "man down"



  • External monitoring of sites by security,
  • increase the safety of the elderly or children,
  • testing shipments in companies courier,
  • position control unit vertically or horizontally if exceeded alarm - function "man down

technical parameters:

  • the sensitivity of -160dBm GPS device, 50 channels,
  • Internal memory 1MB,
  • microUSB socket,
  • operating temperature 0 do 50 C,
  • Storage temperature -20 do 60 C,
  • LEDs indicating the status of,
  • weight: 80g,
  • beside the required size: 92x44x18 mm,
  • bateria 1050mAh (li-ion).