MultiGPS system offers real tracking and provides control multiple vehicles and machines through a standard Web browser Web (np.: Opera, Firefox, Chrome, IE) Encrypted SSL transmission(Secure Socket Layer) Real-time which It provides security full confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data. It is a very valuable tool for contact centers and without the need to install additional software. Exact location, Alarm notifications, traceability routes and many more are currently presented on an electronic map.

Basic package multiGPS zaiwera:

  • access to applications for pośrednitwem encrypted Internet connection
  • equipment GPS with built-in GPRS modem
  • wiring
  • assembly service

The basic elements of the module to generate reports

  • Detailed descriptions of the routes taken of vehicles or machinery.
  • Daytime, Monthly and annual passes.
  • Detailed Hour.
  • Place and time of occurrence of emergency situations.
  • Working Time / depot.
  • Report temperature refrigerated cars
  • Fuel consumption.

The basic elements of the Internet system multiGPS:

  • The latest digital map of the world.
  • Description of the vehicle containing data about the vehicle and the user.
  • Information about the current direction of motion, speed, items, fuel level in the tank and depending on the connected sensors example.: -off point, opening doors, etc.. in real time.
  • Description of parking time.
  • Geostrefa - control the zone and creating an area on the map of any shape.
  • Interfejs API (Access to integrate with other ERP and others.)
  • Mobile support (Windows Mobile, Android Phones, iPhone, BlackBerry)
  • Possibility to connect any language version of the operator interface.
  • The ability to connect identify drivers with I-Button.
  • Monitoring of postal items (courier),
  • Supports automatic reporting via email or sms server.


For management reports are very important for analysis. The system has a basic (Running reports, downtime and more) and a tool to create custom reports based on any data from the platform multiGPS. Reports can be displayed directly in a web browser or on a schedule sent via e-mail.

Mobile Version

With multiGPS system can be connected by mobile devices having a platform of Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phone. This makes, multiGPS that the platform is suitable for the implementation of many types of devices.

Events and alarms

Each event in multiGPS system can be configured to generate alarms via email or SMS that require immediate attention such as: SOS, theft of the vehicle or machine, elevated temperature, speed, Use of the vehicle outside these hours or zone violations for which the vehicle or machine can not move.

Communication via mobile phone drivers. system has the ability to send SMS messages via a fleet manager directly from the app on your mobile phone drivers. In contrast, the driver can respond to an SMS message and the message will be displayed to the operator on the monitor screen and stored in the system multigps.

The basic elements of a mobile application for GPS monitoring.

  • The last active position of the vehicle or machine.
  • The current speed of the car or machine.
  • Reading the reports of alarms and warnings.
  • Tracking the position of the car or machine in real time.
  • Identifying drivers with I-Button.

The mobile application is safe and stable, and exceptionally comfortable to use.