Service and production companies need new ways to manage your fleet of machines and equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, lorries, service vehicles, etc.. and by monitoring the GPS can be primarily increased productivity, efficiency and profitability of work. With the current availability of highly advanced GPS tracking devices in real-time, business owners have several machines and companies with extensive machine park can easily see most of all location, quantity of the Hour, fuel control, number of kilometers, not at any time of day or night without having to install additional software. To operate the system multiGPS enough web browser.

MultiGPS monitoring capabilities of the system through the API allows for full integration with the ERP system dodowlnym, CRM, etc.. This combination of systems management to decide ułaatwia monitoroiwanie machines, fleet of cars, transport in the country and abroad.

The basic elements of the GPS monitoring system:

  • The latest digital map of the world.
  • It is possible to monitor the parameters read from the communication bus CAN Bus
  • Description of the vehicle containing data about the vehicle and the user.
  • Information about the current direction of motion, speed, position and also depending on the connected sensors such.: -off point, opening doors, etc.. in real time.
  • Description of parking time.
  • Geostrefa - control the zone and creating an area on the map of any shape.
  • Interfejs API (Access to integrate with other ERP and others.)
  • Mobile support (Windows Mobile, Android Phones, iPhone, BlackBerry)
  • Possibility to connect any language version of the operator interface.
  • The ability to connect identify drivers with I-Button.