Vehicles up to 3.5t. moving on Polish roads account for the vast majority. Gro one, This company cars, which are CUSTOM sales representatives, technicians, administrative staff, etc.. The staff of this kind usually has a working system task, but every employer would like to have control over their employees and entrusted equipment. MultiGPS in such a situation would be irreplaceable. Location cars will also work for private users.

The main advantages of the location of cars;

    • creating reports with regard to hours - precise measurement of time and use of the vehicle after its completion,
    • routes,
    • speed-controlled vehicles,
    • full fuel control,
    • temperature monitoring refrigerated cars
    • Time stops,
    • location of parcels (courier)
    • notification of the arrival of the vehicle to the point of destination / sms, mail/
      - Automatic notification of the need for service, Technical Review, extension of liability insurance and AC,
      - ensuring the safety of drivers and vehicles,
      - optimize costs,
      - Notification of adverse events,