Enterprises, which produce goods, which must be stored at low temperatures, as food (frozen fruits and vegetables, meat and sausages, etc.) and pharmaceuticals (Biological materials, preparations based on blood, some drugs) They must have appropriate refrigerated vans which provides throughout the transport proper temperature inside the cargo area. It is very important continuous able to control whether the temperature is in the proper range and in real time.

With the help comes here we MultiGPS or GPS monitoring, along with an additional module for temperature control. In the car-mounted refrigerator is a GPS recorder to which you can connect a variety of additional sensors. In our case it is a temperature sensor , which is mounted in the cargo area. DVR can be connected more sensors, often in professional systems are inter alia:

  • cargo door opening sensor - We get information whether the door was not opened outside the unloading.
  • Sensor operation of the chiller (enabled disabled) - control of work and extra time counting unit,
  • Fuel Level Sensor - precise control of the fuel in the tanks,
  • cutoff - the ability to remotely immobilize the car,
  • driver identification system for I-Button - identification and communication with the driver.

Of course alone GPS recorder gives us access to basic information about the vehicle, or geographical location, the route taken, whether the current speed.

How does temperature monitoring GPS ?

Read the temperature, received from the sensor is sent to the recorder GPS, and then goes through the GSM network server MultiGPS where it is processed on-line and archived. GPS monitoring data are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this from anywhere in the world. There is no need to install any software on the computer company, because the data from the application MultiGPS is available through a web browser.


As information obtained from the GPS temperature monitoring system ?

After logging into the system MultiGPS we check on the map where our cars. We have the ability to know their geographic location and velocity, and information on the refrigerating unit is switched on and the temperature in the cargo space. If you choose a particular vehicle will get a graph of temperature in the refrigerator for a selected time interval

From the graph we can check the temperature changes. In the graph in blue are marked areas, when the car had the engine running.

Alarms real-time temperature monitoring system GPS.

MultiGPS application in addition to the current state of vehicle tracking allows you to define the respective alert. In our forfeiture alarm will generate up, if the temperature in the refrigerator exceeds this threshold. This alarm can be alert in the app, as well as our system can send a notification e-mail or SMS-in. Many companies also defines alarm, Activated event, when the door is opened cooling in an unauthorized location (other than the place of delivery). If you use a driver identification system can be the application level contact with the driver to determine the cause of the alarm. The alarm system is a very convenient way to automatically control, which allows to respond only undesirable situation.

Reports from the GPS temperature monitoring system.

MultiGPS system can generate standard reports used car enriched with information about the temperature in the refrigerator and, if necessary. During operation chiller.
MultiGPS temperature monitoring system is an extension of the standard GPS monitoring system

The benefits of this system owned fleet of cars:


  • the use of basic GPS monitoring system gives us significant savings in time and fuel use of the vehicle.
  • Car fleet management automation eliminates the time-consuming tasks of logistics and control.


  • avoid losses caused by transport in unsuitable conditions our products.
  • We can provide our clients a complete and authoritative reports confirming the behavior defined temperature range transport.
  • we have the ability to check, the door to the cargo space has not been opened outside the area. This allows us to react immediately to try to steal, often very valuable cargo.