today, especially when fuel prices are increasing day by day, the most urgent task is to monitor fuel. The cheapest solution for monitoring fuel consumption in vehicles is the installation of a GPS directly to the on-board computer - CAN Bus. Typically, fuel measurement is made by a factory built-in sensors so-called fuel. floats but may use additional fuel probe but this implies a mechanical intervention in the fuel tank.

Bus connection CAN bus allows to obtain a lot of information in real time (depending on the brand and type of vehicle or machine) but first of all:

  • engine conditions (sales)
  • instantaneous fuel consumption
  • total consumption
  • fuel level float
  • overall mileage
  • door status
  • Driving time
  • oil temperature
  • fuel temperature
  • coolant temperature
  • battery status
  • vehicle speed



The second way to more precise control of fuel in the tank of large vehicles is mounting pressure probe. The sensor probe is located in the bottom of the cited pressure and the pressure of the fuel is converted into a digital electrical pulse. Information about the state of fuel sent in real time directly to the recorder GPS. As a result, we are up to date informed about his level and detect refueling or discounts. See an example describes how to install the fuel probe in the machine construction backhoe charger Komatsu WB93S-5.

The basic description of the software for GPS monitoring MultiGPS:

  • The latest digital map of the world.
  • It is possible to monitor the parameters read from the communication bus CAN Bus,
  • Description of the vehicle containing data about the vehicle and the user,
  • Information about the current direction of motion, speed, position and also depending on the connected sensors such.: -off point, opening doors, etc.. in real time,
  • Description of parking time.
  • Temperature monitoring in cars isotherm,
  • Geostrefa - control the zone and creating an area on the map of any shape,
  • Interfejs API (Access to integration with other ERP systems.)
  • Mobile support (Windows Mobile, Android Phones, iPhone, BlackBerry)
  • Possibility to connect any language version of the operator interface,
  • The ability to connect identify drivers with I-Button.

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