What is GPS ?

It is a satellite navigation system, created by the US Department of Defense, : covering the entire globe. Its purpose is to provide the user with information about its position and to facilitate navigation on the site.

When was the global GPS system ?

The first work on the development of the satellite navigation system started in the year 1973 and it was intended to apply only for military purposes. The first satellite GPS It was put into orbit in January 1978 r., and in July 1995 r. system received a fully operational.

What constitutes a GPS system ?

The system consists of three segments: space segment - 31 satellites orbiting the Earth at a medium earth orbit; Ground Segment - control and monitoring stations on the ground and user segments - signal receivers. GPS works across the Earth and satellites revolve in orbits at an altitude of about 20183 km.

How does GPS ?

To properly working GPS system time is important. All the satellites are equipped with atomic clocks and signal is accurately synchronized with the entire system. At the same time the satellite form, together with a number of transmitters in the network ground time correction. Thanks to the GPS receiver provides not only entries, but also very precise time. To well define the GPS position in three-dimensional space and time system is required simultaneous reception from at least four satellites. The receiver calculates the three pseudoranges to the satellites and the deviation of time (the difference between cheap and insufficiently exact model of quartz installed on the receiver and the precise atomic clock on satellite). The exact coordinates of the satellites are transmitted in the navigation message.


Where we used a GPS system ?

Thanks to the precision in determining the geographical coordinates the use of the GPS system are endless. The first application took place in military technology and to this day there are successfully applied in full. At the beginning of 80 after shooting down aircraft KAL Korean airlines 007 over the territory of the Soviet Union, it was, that GPS should be made available for civilian use. This is used in many fields

Examples of applications of GPS:

What does SSL encryption ?

To provide our customers maximum security and confidentiality of transmissions sent by e-mail use SSL abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer. Transaction information, Registration information is encrypted and then in the form transmitted to the receiver.
Our web application multigps.pl from the very beginning supports SSL encryption in order to ensure maximum safety for our customers.

How to validate the certificate?

Each time before you log into the system multigps.pl it is necessary to check the certificate directly in the browser that we use. In addition to the address of the page where we just, a small icon in the form of a padlock - this indicates that the connection is secure and encrypted. Regardless of the type of browser used in the section presenting data on page Certificate, They should be included information about the issuer and recipient of the certificate.

For our web application details are as follows:

Owner: multigps.pl
Exhibitor: RapidSSL CA, GeoTrust, Inc
Encryption protocol: TLS v1.0 128 bit AES (2048 bit RSA/SHA)

Sites having such certificates are widely regarded as safe, reliable and trustworthy, where services are provided in accordance with international standards and our web application just for such a classified.