Company AVERNET It was founded in 2003 year. The business activities were complex services in a broad range of utility computing. A group of employees, involved in the framework needs to carry specific design, It allows to solve the complex and complicated problems presented by our clients.



We have completed a number of applications supporting a variety of integrated business processes. We have our own system fleet management, based fuels Webserver technology that increases productivity and by controlling and monitoring, It improves security and streamlines logistics processes. We integrate systems, we write software and supply technical support.

Non-standard solutions


A wide assortment of devices GPS and fast performance of the contract, from the unusual design solutions through a selection of the most adequate solutions for the customer's needs and a high level of training of our employees are all traditionally offers its customers our company.

Company Mission


Equally careful approach to the needs of professionals, as people who do not know the problems. We are happy to help in solving our customers' problems - regardless of their experience.