Monitoring of trucks

Forwarding companies, Transport, Building and many more can improve their efficiency and to recover the vehicle in case of theft. In MultiGPS data collection is easy and Monitoring Service very stable and rapidly analyzed. In trucks, the best way of monitoring GPS It connects your device to the communication bus (vehicle computer) CAN Bus.

Connecting a GPS device to track CAN bus and connected to it additional functionality allows to obtain a lot of information in real time (depending on the brand and type of vehicle or machine) such as:

  • engine conditions (sales)bridge-246063_640
  • the vehicle position and direction of travel
  • instantaneous fuel consumption
  • total fuel consumption
  • overall mileage
  • fuel level float
  • door status
  • Driving time
  • eg temperature control. for sensitive goods such as food
  • battery status
  • vehicle speed
  • downtime
  • Tracking (shipping)
  • identification of the driver


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