MultiGPS, Mobile version of the vehicle location with GPS

Mobile Version multiGPS system gives you control over fleet wherever you are. The fleet can be tracked directly on the map in real time from mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone and having Android and Windows Mobile. The transmission is done through a web browser secure SSL encrypted communications that ensure the confidentiality and security.

The basic elements of a mobile application for GPS monitoring

  • The last active position of the vehicle or machine.
  • The current speed of the car or machine.
  • Reading the reports of alarms and warnings.
  • Tracking the position of the car or machine in real time.
  • Identifying drivers with I-Button.

The mobile application is safe and stable, and exceptionally comfortable to use.


getting started

Depending on the mobile device used when logging into the application multiGPS, device is detected, and depending on the type of the mobile application is started.

Examples of the first login on the type smarthonie iPhone:

  1. choose a previously created mobile application icon multiGPS.
  2. we are waiting for the appearance of the login window
  3. enter your username and password
  4. zatwerdzamy Press "Log in"

Check the status of vehicles and machinery

View vehicle list is constantly being updated showing address, time since the last update and the number of active alarms. The list can be sorted by date, names or alarm conditions. Using the quick search from the top menu, you can quickly search for a specific vehicle or engine.

Touching on the list the name of the vehicle can know more details, such as:

  • info about the vehicle - name, User Name, address, active speed
  • status - depending on the program settings and options available: speed, Fuel condition, engine speed, temperature, the number of satellites, etc..
  • alarms - zelżenie of user settings, eg: entry to the zone, opening cargo door, move the vehicle after for hours or area, etc..

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