Integration with ghTrack used by DHL

Our company started to cooperate in the integration of GPS with software company ghTrack Gatehouse. Integration network services (the. web services) It seeks to easy flow of data between systems fleet management. This is done by automating the transmission position multiGPS vehicles between the system and the system ghTrack. This gives you the ability to monitor such vehicles. DHL subcontractors.

GhTrack system is a solution from Gatehouse dealing with the automation and optimization of vehicle tracking. It enables the integration of any ERP / TMS. Consolidation of systems allows monitoring of cars subcontractors, which also contributes to greater control over the dangerous goods. It is also a great analytical tool, whereby it is possible to reduce costs in the company. At the present time we are integrated over 100 vehicle tracking systems, and the data are transferred from the system ghTrack used by companies such as DHL, DSV, Freja Transport & Logistics.

Web service system GPS vehicle location -

Network Services (the. web services) using Internet standards are included in our application used to locate vehicles and machines using GPS. They can be used by our customers to easily integrate with any ERP application, CRM, etc.. based on the existing network infrastructure.

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